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Name: Tommy Chan Kok Yew a.k.a : LittleShark™

Age : 19+

School: IACT Institute Advertising communication Traning

Birthday: 1 Feb 1986

Hobby : Games + Sleeping + Smoking + Drinks + BullShitting + Driving + Chilling

Family : consist of my parents,my 3 younger brothers, and my no named dog at back door haha


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Thursday, April 27, 2006

well just felt a bit regret posting that...
seems like im a cold blooded money lover...
maybe in my life i just cant get any better things than people around me...
i know im already counted as a lucky one comparing to those suffering...
but just blame on what that i have a life not to say the best but below average...
karma.? nah i dont believe in that
i believe in chances!!! kebarangkalian!!!
luck is wat i needed...


O.o crapping shit again on this midnight

now i wish i could just vanish in this world without being notice by anyone...
then nothing happens at all and i bet non existence is the best freedom i can get...
im begining to realise myself as an aquarius that need freedom all the time...
no wonder... im lazy.. coz all i wanted is free time... i hate to be controlled...
working somehow killing me but need that to survive...
study..? endless knowlegde...

-peaceful night-

[absolute_terror_field] at 2:28 PM

tired of everything...
need a new life maybe... but life is just a routine going round n round
i wish i am sumthing else...
like maybe a bird that fly thru the skies...
my chatterbox is outdated... lazy to update it...
as i say the blog need a change but im still lazy... very troublesome...
assignment is forever endless...
soon maybe working? or going for further studies...
no idea... dont dare to think about it cause of my lazyness...
in fact money is everything in these days...
life is not really meaningful without money... that is just something ppl try to comfort themselves with... seriously
with money i have i can buy whatever i wanted...
i can do so much stuff...
and btw who is trying to make enemy with money?
hence im already get hopeless on life being a human cause money overruns everything except for health but what can u do with a healthy life but living poor?
money > health
end of today story

[absolute_terror_field] at 2:18 PM

Thursday, January 19, 2006

just struck in my mind suddenly a phrase that asked
do you believe that the time passed unconstantly in this world?

it is true that really maybe a split second each year the route of the earth is moving differently. but wat i meant is about the feeling of your own.
from a drama i learn that was said to be when u r being with the person u loved the time u spend will be just a flash, but when you r waiting for the one that u loved its like taking is true for some reason i do not unlike dramas in some way it really giving courage to people. eventhough in reality im maybe a total failure.
another thing that i found out is that loving someone is not that easy it needs efford. from the last relationship i have given all i got but it seems that its not enough. comparing to last time i hae improved but it just lack of something and lately one of my fren that i treated her as my sister. since long time ago she spotted me as a lack of efford person in a way means LAZY. gahhh.. am i really so hate troublesome things.
just need to be more hardworking is the last word she said to me and its like a lightbulb suddenly turn on to me. and so on i have been thinking is there anymore things that i should change myself, am i really have those problems.
and anyway those previous blog that i have posted is really when im in a deep mess.
maybe its time to have a change for this blog. so that i can chill myself up when i visit here n relax unlike the last time tied by all the histories.
i will become a man without history then >.<
so long good night.

[absolute_terror_field] at 12:02 PM

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

girls, guys, i dont fucking care anymore.
now im running low of cash. that is more important.
just parents are annoying, with or without them is not much diff afterall.
therefore getting some freelance job may help a bit i guess.
yosha~ work!!!

everyone loves cash so go for the main point better than going the other way.

[absolute_terror_field] at 5:34 AM

Sunday, November 20, 2005

After the rain my life have been a mess..
nothing goes right.. internship takes most of my time.. another 1 and a half months to go.. ganbateh!!! >.<

status :
income - RM 300 per month (death, planing to rob a bank soon)
time - 24 hours per day is just not enough for me and sleeping is a waste of time thats y i spent my time awake more especially in midnight when the whole world is sleeping =]
love - i love myself (what is love anyway)
health - good condition still at least i smoke less max 4 stick per day ahha
future planing - urm... what goes around comes around nothing yet so far mayb finding a nice part time job =]

The year's at the spring,
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in his Heaven -
All's right with the world!

[absolute_terror_field] at 7:43 AM

Friday, October 21, 2005

A Fairy tale
Fairy tales are figments of imagination bred to stimulate the human mind and thus giving hope that there might be chance for a better life.

Who likes to live in a fairy tale most?

Dream = Reality ?

Over wishes causes unsatisfying wants and needs? or becoming a slave of materialistic and feelings craving for more?

Answer for all:
Girls nowdays are very emo
They believe in a fairy tale life
Which further decrade theirs standards , for they want something that the guys cant give

and what is love to them?
Assuming that the word love is merely a word , or just limited to being a emotion?

The more demanding, the more unsatisfying
worst comes to worst no sacrificing no string attach
lets play on?

william shakesphear once said, 'if music is the food of love, play on!'
so what if love is just a game, play on?

human often likes to find excitement in life..
hey lets get together and broke up, married and divorce for the sake of finding another new excitement in life? doing an experiment?

Purpose in Life is to not seek what you don't have but to find out what you already have.

damn those reasons of perception
Reasoning is based on the dogmatic view that everything has an excuse.
Excuse is a manipulated and decetive conception that is given as a Reason.

-never knows best-

[absolute_terror_field] at 1:00 AM

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Opening Closed doors
Treading through a door that has been close for more then a decade. Uncovering the instrument of one's doom. being at the threshold of a New begining which will inevitably lead to hades. The only retribution lies in the submission of another. Unravelling a twisted maze like mind . What should have remained closed have been pryed open.

Opened barely towards thousands of spikey torns never to regret. Discovering the instrument of another's heart. Never knows those torns has poison that will paralyze the heart for a long time... aching slowly until it burns...

To overcome :
only one solution shutting the doors again... never to reveal again...
its just a normal reflection... its a norm...

[absolute_terror_field] at 9:34 AM

Saturday, September 24, 2005


there's nothing more that i can think of worth living without love...
i guess human are just too fragile...
and cant stand the loneliness...

who am i..?
what am i in others eyes...?
is this the shape or object that i call it as myself..?
and why am i living..? alive or just a dream...?
when will be the end of the story...?
what is the reason to be alive...?
family? work? money? finding a partner?
what for..?
as u die.. there's nothing u can bring with u...
hence.. wat is the purpose of living here in earth...

bahh... im bullshitting again...
bye... mayb the sky will let me feel better by looking at it...

[absolute_terror_field] at 8:15 AM

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